Sunday, September 3, 2017

White House warns: U.S. could use its 'nuclear capability' if North Korea attacks an ally

Via Billy

The White House warned North Korea that any attack on American allies or territory could result in a nuclear weapon being used on the country.

President Trump spoke with Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe for the second time this weekend on Sunday and told him the United States would back Japan up in case of any attack from North Korea.

The statement came after Trump sent Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to tell reporters Trump had been briefed on all options to respond to North Korea's sixth nuclear test, said to be a hydrogen bomb.

Mattis said the United States has the ability to "annihilate" North Korea, but doesn't want to and will continue to use diplomatic means to de-escalate the situation.


  1. What President Trump is thinking is that a show of strength is sometimes the best way to avoid conflict.

  2. It has been our national policy since Reagan that we can use nukes whenever we want. That's why we have them.