Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump DACA/Dreamer Amnesty? Uncomfortable Facts and Huge Political Risks

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I voted for Trump in 2016 and was there sooner and with more effort, enthusiasm, and financial support than most Trump supporters. I voted for him because I think the Trump agenda will not only make American Great Again but is also vitally necessary to reverse our rapid moral and cultural decline.

I especially liked his tougher stances on immigration and realism about the nature of Islamic terrorism and Jihad. I have probably written at least 75 articles on immigration and the same number on Islam in the last twelve years. I still believe Trump has a right gut-feel for these issues, even though I have sometimes been annoyed by his wobbling because of a lack of specific knowledge on immigration issues, especially the explosive, multi-layered, and destructive consequences of amnesties.

Trump cannot know everything, but he especially needs to know the likely fiscal, economic, social, cultural, national security, and political consequences of amnesties. They have never boded well for American workers and middle class taxpayers and their families. They do not bode well for any conservative political issues, including gun ownership, right-to-life, and free speech.

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  1. The main reason I voted for Trump was his stance on the
    criminal immigrants who have in the last twelve yrs. killed
    7,000 Americans while hurricanes have killed 342. There
    are roughly 40,000 illegal immigrants in my country.
    There is no question but that illegal immigration dwarfs any other issue, not only in dead Americans, but also in welfare expenditures, taxes, lost jobs, police and prison expenditures, declining neighborhoods, ruined schools, overwhelmed hospitals, facial reconstruction surgeries and rape counseling services, to name a few costs.

    We thought Trump understood this. We were counting on him to fight for us on the border — not with rallies, not with hats, not with tweets, but by building a wall. And yet, as of Wednesday this week, Trump will have been in office 243 days without having begun the wall. I could care less
    about North Korea whose missiles fly over four miles above
    Japan - that's Japan's issue.
    I only care about America.

    1. killedv7,000 Americans while hurricanes have killed 342.

      Saw that piece and well said.

    2. Misprint on my part - it's not 40 thousand, it's
      40 million. How did it get so out of control.
      I recall that at one time, one did not need a pass-
      port to come and go into the US from Mexico or to
      enter Mexico from the US. People went back to their own space.
      Yes, it is a good article.

    3. one did not need a pass-port to come and go into the US from Mexico or to enter Mexico from the US.

      The last time I went to Baja they just waved you through, but I see it may have changed since then.

  2. I supported and voted for Trump for only one reason.....DEPORTATIONS. He plainly stated he would deport illegals and when asked about being humane regarding splitting families, he stated we would humanely deport families together. I stood and cheered the TV.

    From the article "...I do not think it is an exaggeration to equate a new amnesty with Republican suicide." The majority of the GOP simply don't care. In fact they would prefer to be shed of the necessity of playing the role of supporting the, all but outnumbered, White Christians views and agenda that once dominated the U.S. and our ability to dictated election results. They expect to be part of the ruling cabal after they finish off the remnants of the republic.

    Folks, demographics are destiny. In fact, globalists are counting on it. For far too long the United States was too prosperous, to Christian, too powerful, and damn sure too White. They mean to end that on all accounts and are pretty close to accomplishing it. Any kind of amnesty for anyone, at this point, simply nails the coffin shut. Without it one can debate if we can prevail but with it, we and our posterity are doomed to be ruled by third world people with whom we share little nor no connection.

    I always believed that no matter what Bush I did, no matter what slick Willie did, no matter what Bush II did, and no matter what Obama did it could all be undone with the exception of one thing....amnesty. So it is with President Trump. Will you fight with me?

    Y'all have a nice day.

    1. Any kind of amnesty for anyone, at this point, simply nails the coffin shut.