Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Facebook says Russia-linked ads that reached millions of Americans continued to 'sow division' and undermine Trump – not Hillary – even AFTER the 2016 election

 Colin Stretch, general counsel for Facebook (left) testified in a Senate hearing on Tuesday that ads placed by a Russian propaganda arm continued after President Trump won the White House, and were 'targeted at fomenting discord about the validity of his election'

The tech giant Facebook told Congress that ads representing 'foreign interference' in America's election system continued after Donald Trump won the White House – and appeared designed to hurt him.

Much of the focus on Russian involvement has come as part of a larger story that suggests Moscow instead sought to help Trump win the White House over Hillary Clinton.

But Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch said in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that while his company first spotted the ads in the presidential primary season two years ago, they continued to run 'following the election.'

'We saw this concerted effort to sow division and discord,' Stretch explained. 'In the wake of the election – and now-President Trump's election – we saw a lot of activity targeted at fomenting discord about the validity of his election.'

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