Friday, January 12, 2018

Digging Their Own Grave, One Shithole At A Time.

Via comment by JWMJR has left a new comment on your post Shit-holes

 What fools the leftist are. As usual they are incapable of considering even the possibility of unintended consequences. Good. By latching onto an unverified, second hand source remark, the media minions think they have found their "gotcha" of the week or perhaps month.

What it is turning into however is the new meme of the right that they are going to get pilloried with endlessly. It's going to be hilarious.

Socialism, making the shitholes of tomorrow today.

Haiti, the Caribbean shithole where slavery is a growth industry.

Haiti, incubating AIDS and tuberculosis and exporting shitholeism to the world.

Liberia, a West African shithole exporting Ebola to the world.

Detroit, showing American solidarity to the shitholes of the world.

CNN, shitholyer than tho.

BBC, Doing are part to make Britain a Muslim shithole so you don't have to.

The meme possibilities are endless.