Friday, January 12, 2018

“Sh*t Hole” Countries by Race and IQ

Via comment by Reborn on Shit-holes

Compare all of this to the country of Japan, which has almost no minerals at all, but has a GDP of $4.9 trillion—and it becomes clear that race is the reason for the disparity, not “geography”, “environment,” or any of the other reasons race-denying liberals use to “explain” African backwardness.

US President Donald Trump may or may not have used the word “sh*t hole” to describe Haiti and African countries—but it has focused attention on the fact that all almost all black-ruled nations are  economic and social disaster zones—caused directly by average IQs of between 66 and 75.

The obvious connection between race, IQ, and achievement is apparent from the fact that the tiny European city state of Liechtenstein (population 37,000) has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) larger than 14 African states, while Belgium (pop. 11m) and Australia (pop. 24m) have a GDP larger than 41 African states and their population of more than 990 million all added together—definitive proof that achievement is linked to race, and not “environment.”


  1. No matter how hard the left attempts to sell that all races are equal the real world data doesn't support it, Africans are the bottom of the IQ charts and it shows in everything they do.

  2. We could be up there with Japan, but we're stuck with IDIOTS like McCain, Pelosi, and all the other leftwits. The black IQ influence wouldn't be so bad w/o these IDIOTS weighing us down.

    1. Japan

      Precisely and shows the naysayers are incorrect when they say we are racists. Vietnamese as well as other nationalities come here and do exceptionally well because of their work ethic, something that is sadly missing in others.

  3. I'd argue - given luminaries like Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell as examples - that it's not race specifically, but rather culture as well as early-childhood nutrition.