Friday, January 12, 2018

Remembering St. George Tucker


Washington, Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin. All of these Founding Fathers are well known and need no first names.

Tucker, however, that’s a surname of a member of the Founding Generation that isn’t familiar at all and definitely needs a first name and what a first name it is: St. George!

St. George Tucker is a man whose name has been erased from the collective memory of Americans and it is a shame. There was a time when his reputation as an able jurist and a staunch defender of states rights and republican principles was second to none, save only his fellow Virginian, Thomas Jefferson.

He was a Virginian, but not by birth. Tucker was a transplant from more tropical climes — Bermuda.
Born in 1752 to a prominent planter family originally from England, Tucker was the youngest of six children who grew up on the estate his family had owned for over 100 years, Grove Plantation.

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