Tuesday, February 27, 2018

FedEx won't end relationship with NRA

Via Billy

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FedEx announced Monday it won't end its relationship with the National Rifle Association despite facing scrutiny to cut ties with the association after a school shooting in Parkland Fla., left 17 people dead.

The company said the NRA is one of the "hundreds of organizations" in their alliances/associate marketing program and they will not deny service or discriminate against them.


  1. FedEx's response was a remarkable example of wishy-washiness that will only serve to piss off both sides.

    At the same time they're saying they are just in a business deal with the NRA they are also saying that 'assault rifles' need to be banned.

    Dudes, poop or get off the pot. Show some cojones. The statement should have been either "Suck it, gun-banning beyotches" or "Suck it, Ebil NRA." Even "We are just a shipping company. We ship anything, as long as you pay us."

    Bah, gutless cowards.

    It was the moral equivalent of working with the Nazis while talking bad about them. (The Nazis being the gun-banners.)

  2. FedEx is a fine company that I retired from about 8 years ago. I agree with Fred Smiths decision to refuse to deny discounts to NRA members. As to the "assault weapon" comment...really, what is the legal definition of an assault weapon? It has no meaning recognized by all jurisdictions. Do you really think a southern corporation run by a VN veteran and manned by thousands of veterans would even consider backing such a ban? I bought my HK93 from a fellow aircraft mechanic in a FedEx parking lot. Most mechs in Memphis carried firearms in their cars at all times. I think you need to rework your statement.

    1. Most mechs in Memphis carried firearms in their cars at all times.

      That's good to hear.

  3. Their staff is trained to face even the most difficult situations and stand up to the challenge because that is what they are-- they live to deliver. FedEx Saturday delivery hours