Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Goodies From Ol' Remus


It's said a mild Scottish accent is most attractive to western ears—a Scottish lass told me so, but I have a different candidate, namely, English as spoken by General Lee in Turner's Civil War films. It shares a membrane with Shakespeare, frames even trivial thoughts in biblical terms, yet is often astonishing in its directness. Some of Lee's contemporaries, those who dared expressed an opinion, said he spoke like an old lady, which may or may not have been a compliment, impossible to say at this remove. I suspect not.

  Zero Hedge - 25 Year Sentence for Driving Drunk Versus Probation for Prison Guard Who Raped Inmate

  Natural News - When Obama and Facebook teamed up in 2012 that was “technological genius,” but when Trump does the same thing, it’s a “scandal”

  WND - Bizarre twist in Seth Rich murder probe ... Washington-based attorney and lobbyist on the hunt for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s killer was shot at and run over by former U.S. Marine he hired to help

  Art of Manliness - How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes or Less ... it's a skill, and like all skills, you shouldn’t expect to have it work the first few times you try.

  Bridge, Taki's Magazine - Because of the left’s “diversity or die” crusade, Florida International University and Munilla Construction Management felt the need to present the bridge as the product of “diversity.” They couldn’t just say, “Hey, look at this cool bridge we built.” They had to add, “And diversity dunnit.” Because that’s all that matters. Not the quality of the work, but the gender and color of the workers. And if the rubble of Diversity Bridge is to hold any significance at all, let it be this: Let’s dial back the “diversity in STEM” fanaticism just a tad. Let’s get back to focusing on the quality of the work, and not whether our engineering classrooms and construction companies resemble a 1970s Coke commercial.


  1. The Panzer IV was a god-awful tank. It was , like the M4 Sherman, not designed for tank on tank warfare. It had paper thin armor (half that of the M4 Sherman) was grossly underpowered, unreliable and had poor maneuverability off road. EVERY version of the Sherman could knock out EVERY version of the Panzer IV at the maximum range of the 75MM gun. The only reason that it stayed in production was because the German factory's could produce 10 Mk.IV tanks for every "Panther" produced and 50 for every "Tiger" produced. Germany had awful weapons in WW2. Its why they lost. Oh! they did design some "Gee Wiz!" weapons. But never had the ability to build them, or maintain,and fuel them if they did get built. The North Vietnamese had a better equipped and supplied military in 1968 than the Germans did in 1944. --Ray

    1. The North Vietnamese had a better equipped and supplied military in 1968 than the Germans did in 1944.

      Of course, since the north was well supplied from the outside while Thieu was forced to fight a poor man's war per North Vietnam and Germany's ability to supply their troops well had ended long before 1944.