Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Explain to me again how the Mueller investigation is NOT political opposition research?"


The Federal Judge, Kimba Wood, who is making decisions in the case against President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, is the same person who officiated George Soros wedding. Go figure.

Today Judge Kimba Wood demanded, in open court, that attorney Michael Cohen state -on the record- the names of his clients….. Then, moments later, in a decision about the seized records taken by the FBI during their raid last week, Judge Wood demanded all of the Cohen records be transferred into a federal database so they could be searched, reviewed, categorized and then leaked more efficiently to the media.


  1. The 4th Amendment and Rule of Law – DEAD

    “Fix Is In” Hey, Attorney General Sessions, pull you head out of your ass. NOTHING they are doing is legal. Do your damn job.