Thursday, June 28, 2018

Day of Delusion at the Pentagon: Infantry Women, National Security Equals Gender Neutrality, the Army is a Welfare Program and Pregnancies are No Hindrance to Combat Readiness

Via Kirk



As the feminist Kamikaze bears down on the U.S.S. Pentagon, spineless brass sip Mint Juleps on the bridge, adding up their pensions and hoping to abandon ship before the US military is catastrophically killed in the next war.

Which it will be, if nothing changes, mark my words.

Across the military, standards are dropping faster than a Greg Maddux sinker; as lackeys, perfumed princes, feather merchants and cultural Marxist, Obama holdouts do their best to make the US Military the Laughing Stock of the World.

More silliness @ US Defense Watch



  1. Somehow this pathetic scenario brings to mind: "Barefoot and pregnant".

  2. Without question, as a career soldier
    who finished his uniformed service barely
    two years ago, said title of the arricle is
    not even close to being far fetched.
    Don't get me started.

  3. "There are currently no physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course."
    Wait....WTF......the Q course no longer has a requirement for physical fitness.
    To hell with the rest of the article.
    That was the stopping point for me.
    Nuff' read!

    1. no physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course."

      I just searched and it appears this is not correct: no physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course."

  4. One concern Brock:

    Many in the US (not you) clearly fear, or even want, a civil war. Well, the military would play an important deciding factor in any such conflict.

    So, if the military comes to apply affirmative action and social engineering, it could be significant. This concern applies to all pertinent federal agencies.

    I'm not of course suggesting I want or expect a civil war. I do however fear Democrats want some amount of turmoil, perhaps in order to bring about a new, larger polity. A post-American polity.

    I told some supposed Trump supporters at Breitbart who were at least claiming to want some sort of revolution that the left generally thinks on these things more than does the right.

    The right can fight, but it does so honestly. The right doesn't think in terms of what's outside rules/ethics. The strength of the left is its total lack of morality. Bolsheviks/Maoists were little better than thugs.

    1. Thanks and my g,g, grandfather "The Father of the Bar" of NC. below.

      "Civil war can be glorious news to none but demons, or thoughtless fools, or maddened men."
      --B. F. Moore to his daughter, April 15, 1861. & much more.