Monday, June 25, 2018

Fire Kites, Decentralized Drone Defense, and Israel's New Existential Vulnerability


Here's a good example of global guerrilla tinkering and decentralized defense.

Fire Kites

Palestinian guerrillas in the Gaza strip have developed a simple and effective weapon for disrupting Israel.   It's a fire kite.  Here are the details (reuters video report):

A homemade kite, built out of transparent plastic (making it hard to spot).  This is the delivery vehicle.

The warhead is a long tail and fringe soaked in flammable liquid.  The tip of the tail is a burning rag or burning coal.  


  1. More ingenius is the Israeli response. Don't shoot to kill but shoot to wound has led to Gaza hospitals being flooded with so many leg and ankle wounds that they have no choice but to become amputation centers. Indiscriminate violence gets a response that is highly focused and effective. Maybe Gaza should become the Middle East's wherl chair manufacturing center.

  2. I just read how the Palestinians are being wounded.
    Medical staff have repeatedly warned that protesters are arriving at the hospitals with severe wounds that are a sign that the Israeli army is likely using munitions that are prohibited under the Geneva Convention. As Israel continues to deny entry to patients in need of medical attention, many of the protesters have had their limbs amputated.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. I read that they are purposely targeting only the legs as it achieves the same as in war. Those wounded take able bodied men off the field in order to care for them.+++