Friday, June 22, 2018

Traitors inside the fence

Comment by Badger on Legal Expert Alan Dershowitz says....

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"Dersh thinks Strzok has a lot of dirt on other wrongdoers like Rosenstein at the FBI and within the Obama admin itself and they fear if he is fired he'll start spilling the beans and implicate them in the most serious crime in federal law."

I am convinced and terrified this is true. I am old enough to remember what by comparison seems only a minor transgression by Richard Nixon, did to this country. I am not sure our Republic can withstand what was done and survive. I would like to say Obama was sole cause, but he is just the latest. This has been decades in the making. When it started, how long has this been happening, I do not know. But I do know it started after Nixon left the White House. The FBI and DOJ was fully infected by the time Clinton took office.

Had they not been totally corrupt, he would have been forced to resign. Seriously, the top executive of any company, that was exposed forcing a blow-job from an intern. That would not fly anywhere but the President did it. And did it without any consequences.

Bush became President, 9-11, happened. And any semblance of honesty or justice vanished in the government. I’m not going down the rabbit hole on 9-11, but it happened at a perfect time in history. Technology advanced to the point 100% surveillance was not only possible but easy. Education had been devolving to the point most high school graduates had never taken a civics class. Hell, they didn’t even know what the word meant. The evil USSR was gone, and we needed an enemy. I’m not going to say the American “Shadow Government” planned it. But it was convenient and perfectly timed.

It was under Bush the FBI, DOJ, and others moved from their traditional rolls. They all became weaponized. They moved from servants of government to something darker. They all began aggressively doing their jobs. Not to protect America, but to empower themselves. Each of the alphabet agencies became little kingdoms. Seeking power, influence, money, and dominion. They existed to serve themselves first and foremost.

Then came Obama. A devoted and studied Marxist. An organizer with the smooth skills of the best charlatan. He used his smooth style, amplified by the media spin machine to take control. Like a king of the Middle Ages, he made these agencies, sovereign baronies. And those leading the agencies were knighted the barons of their kingdom. And nothing a baron wants more is to please his king. Because by pleasing the king, the king’s bounty flows to them.

And then came the election. Which I still admit surprised me. Not the outcome but that there was an election. Had Hillary’s succession to the throne not been guaranteed, I still believe there would have been no election. But with the anointed queen poised to replace the king all the barons were happy. Obama would have still held sway and influence. The barons could continue as planned. And America would be one step closer to tyranny.

Then came President Trump. And we can all see the shit-storm the followed.

I fear if America learns the true depth of corruption and treason. America may not survive.


  1. When did it begin?

    I think one should look at Daddy Bush ("the Shrub" - thanks Molly Ivins) as a benchmark. Maybe "started" during Gerald Ford's term but didn't really get going until perhaps 1982 under Reagan.

    Reagan was a GREAT actor and being President was his biggest role. Looked the part, sounded the part, played the role as "The Director" intended.

    1. Daddy Bush "the Shrub"

      Hadn't heard that. :)

    2. Dubya was the Shrub, not HW.

    3. Does "The Director" have a name?

      Also, not to forget "The Director's" boss, "The Producer."