Monday, July 30, 2018

Celtic Drinking Song Brought To Life

Via Kirk


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    1. Me too, Brock. Lived on the Emerald Isle for 15 years. Visited Scotland England a Wales numerous times and the music was mighty. Great craic!

    2. I've never been to Europe, only South East Asia+ many a time. I hope I make it someday before my toes turn up as my good childhood friend, George, likes to say.

  2. Hi Brock!!!!!<
    You want a "Drinking SONG!!!" I got one for ya' Pal!!!
    Plug that in!!!!!!..... AND!!......

    I can go on and I will.....
    Somewhere in the California Desert between L.A. and San Fran out there in a dust blown cemetery next to an old church are the graves of two Skydiving Great's...... Francine and Ernie Perkins.......
    They have been emblazened into song by one "Little David age 39 1/2" from around Calistoga, many years ago!!... OLD SCHOOL SKYDIVERS... "Like Me" Know them!! Their song has been sung in many Bars, at Bon Fires and where ever!! The "CRACK CHOIR" did it at "The Lost Prairie Boogie" many years ago... I can go thru my beer boxes of VHS video tapes and eventually I will find it!! The words (lyrics) go to the song "The streets of Laredo!!"
    Pal... We have just touched the tip of the Iceberg that sank the "Titanic!!!"....
    Indulge yourself with the old "AIRBORNE" guys for now..... I'll Be Back!!!!

    1. Thank you but I get bad link. Thanks.

    2. Hi Brock,
      I miss copy'ed a couple of cap's to lower case,

      Hope this works...


  3. Aye, lads. She's wErin no Bragh!!!

  4. indyjonesouthereJuly 31, 2018 at 3:42 PM

    The Australians do some great drinking songs too...the English language must be amenable to alcohol.

  5. Anyone got a Muslim "drinking song" to contribute?