Friday, September 21, 2018

Comment on Kavanaugh's Accuser

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She can't remember the year, she can't remember how many people were in the room, she's changed her story, and she sat on this for decades - only to have it appear, oh-so-conveniently - at just the right time.

When nobody, including people who she says were at that party, remembers this, when she told nobody, it smells like either a set up or a book-deal  quest for SJW dopamine-applause seeking.

And according to Alan Dershowitz, she's setting conditions that nobody has ever set before.

We used to have this thing called "Innocent until proven guilty"; that's passes, don't you know?

"Drag $100 and a post-scandal, ghost-written book offer through a Leftist college campus, and you'll never know what you find."

Where were you #metoo hypocrites when Bill Clinton was accused of rape?  Where are you now when Keith Ellison IS accused of domestic violence?  The difference between "R" and "D".


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