Friday, September 21, 2018

First Kiss

Back in 1958,  when I was fifteen years old, [I was 14:)] I made the most critical and important decision in my youthful life. I made the choice any all-American fifteen-year-old farm boy would have made. It was time for me to get my first kiss from a girl.

You see, I had a crush on Mary Sue!

Mary Sue and her brother Woody lived with their mother next door to my Aunt Rose Gamble, in the duplex house just off Kirkland Street in my hometown of Abbeville, Alabama.  What better reason could a country boy have for going to town to see a favorite aunt…especially if Mary Sue happened to live just across the hallway?

Mary Sue’s brother was several years older than me. We really had nothing in common, but as soon as Momma and I arrived at Aunt Rose’s home, I would conjure up an excuse to run next door and see my good friend, Woody.


  1. I was 14 and soon to be moving to rural south GA. A girl that lived down the street that was 6 months younger than me but a grade behind wanted to practice kissing. She made sure I made it to second base even though I had no idea what I was doing. I moved the next weekend.