Friday, September 21, 2018

Comment on Rod Rosenstein Wanted 25th Amendment Ouster for Tr...

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I know the commie democrats and media will fight this to the end. But honestly, how much more proof do we need of a “deep state” coup? We have paper trails of TOP FBI and DOJ leaders planning to overturn the election of President Trump. We saw the planning months before the election even happened. That tells me they knew Hillary was a loser before the election. They ignored the media’s lying poles and saw Trump was going to win.

We see evidence of “deep state” working against the President. Thank heaven, for an honest journalist like James O'Keefe. He ALONE is exposing the communist takeover by democrats. The rest of the media is shoveling shit fast as they can to cover the left. But the truth is coming to light. If President Trump can survive there is a chance for the rule of law to win. We are at a Constitutional Crisis. With all the evidence of the “deep state” corruption. Is it time to declare Martial Law. And have the military begin rounding up the crooks?

Big tech is corrupt and censoring the right. They have an unprecedented and uncontrolled power to control America and the world. The elite is making a frantic drive to stop the populist movements around the globe. They know the secret is out and their time is up. They MUST be stopped. Because it is ether get total control now or lose for another 50+ years.

We stand today at a crossroads. Not to sound too dramatic but the course of humanity will be set in the next 2-5 years. Either the people will throw off the elitist push, until next time. Or humanity will become slaves to our masters. It will either happen peacefully with the rule of law or there will be war. Regardless the path taken humans will either be free or slaves. Time is up and there are no more options.


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