Friday, September 21, 2018

Ford’s ridiculous demands & Sen. Cory Booker admitted to sexually assaulting high school friend in 1992

Via David

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Citing “sources,” Fox News’ Shannon Bream reports on the demands Christine Blasey Ford and her legal team are making as a condition for her testifying about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh:
Ford team wants NO questions from lawyers, only Qs from Committee members, #Kavanaugh cannot be in the room, Kavanaugh must testify FIRST – more to come …
These demands are absurd.


  1. the witness does NOT set the conditions to testify. if we let the left get away with this, they will keep moving the goal posts until they have run out the clock.
    Grassley should call her bluff and issue a subpoena for next thursday, with allowances for her reasonable requests(kavanaugh not in room, protection for her family), but NOT for the no lawyer B.S..
    then issue a subpoena for Feinstein to explain why she should not face obstruction of congress charges.

    1. Thanks and I agree with the author.


    2. Cannon,

      Your assuming Grassley and McConnell are on Trump's and our side. That my friend is what I call: "rolling boxcars and hoping the breeze will flip one over".