Friday, February 8, 2019

Hamilton on Steroids

“The revenue of the state is the state.”  Edmund Burke, Reflections on the French Revolution

Washington D. C. finds itself in the midst of an entertaining, nay consuming, Kabuki theatre.  The federal government has “shut down” its non-essential functions, re-opened the same, and promised to do it all over again in a few weeks, raising the question as to why it has non-essential functions at all.  Mr. Mueller’s fishing expedition continues sailing along through Mr. Trump’s tweet storms, as Democrats await the landing of the big tuna complete with waterside fish fry and impeachment.

Meanwhile, the Trumpites patiently fantasize about their man turning the tables on the evil deep state by purging the temples and draining good ol’ foggy bottom.  T’is all sound and fury underscoring Henry Kissinger’s view that the smaller the stakes, the more vicious the politics.


  1. I wrote this piece as an open letter to Glenn Beck many years ago.
    Hamilton remains the least understood and most sorely disparaged of our founding fathers. In spite of that, our nation grew and prospered far more as a result of Hamilton's work than that of Jefferson or Madison.