Friday, February 8, 2019

The Horizon

Via Marc Marshall 

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  1. Sadly, so true. Will not even go there, but he's staring off into Africa (lol). But we all know it's global problem as well.

  2. "IGNORANCE SON, ON A SCALE I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE." Truer words would be hard to find. American Thinker had this article about AOC, the MSM, and the DNC:

    Rush Limbaugh is still RIPPING ON ALL OF THIS IGNORANCE that is ON DISPLAY in the news today.

    Incredible to Infinity, and well beyond. But there will be at least a 50% approval of their INSANITY LACED NONSENCE. They have a plan. It WAS NOT WRITTEN BY THIS YOUNG MIND OF MUSH. IT WAS WRITTEN BY HER HANDLERS. They will STOP AT NOTHING to implement their Master Plan.. Follow along or be CRUSHED BY THE TANKS, BULLDOZERS and STEAMROLLERS OF PROGRESSiveism. I said it before, I'll say it again. AOC is Dangerous to FREEDOM. She is DUMB AS A STUMP! But, she has the peoples ear. She is an INTEGRAL COG in THE MASTER PLAN. She is a USEFUL IDIOT! After POTUS's statement that the United States WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST STATE, the Deep State has pulled out all the stops. It will get uglier.

    1. Really....