Saturday, April 18, 2020

80% of Restaurants Say They May Not Reopen — 11 Million Jobs on the Line — While Pelosi Sits at Home with Her Chocolates, Refuses to Approve More Loan Money

Via Billy

A poll of restaurant and bar owners found that 80% of owners are not sure they will ever reopen after the government enforced shutdown of their businesses.
Four of five restaurants may never reopen.

And Nancy Pelosi refused to approve more assistance to these business owners.
The Chicago Tribune reported:


  1. There's a fantastic restaurant just a couple of miles from the house. The kids love it, I do too, and even the wife is OK with it. ;?

    A few days into our shutdown he was doing takeout but realized he was not even making it then. So, just shuttered. I'm hoping he has the resources to last.

    1. I guess he wasn't even making enough to pay utilities so might as well stay home.

    2. That's what he said. "It wasn't even worth turning on the lights".


    3. That's a shame, I guess he doesn't have enough money to advertise for take out.