Saturday, April 18, 2020

New evidence proves Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as thought

Via Billy

No, the coronavirus wasn't made in a lab, a genetic analysis shows ...

A new study shows that coronavirus isn’t as deadly as originally thought, The Wall Street Journal reports.

We made a lot of decisions based on lies and misinformation out of China and the World Health Organization, the WHO.

As we know, the models were not only way off, they caused great harm in policy decisionmaking.


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  1. True but the intended damage has been wrought. From people accepting the idea that govenrment can place them 'in lock down' based upon the whim of government, the limits imposed by the Constitution are more like guidlines, the basis of our financial system has now been changed, and socialiam/fascism is now accepted throughout the land as government and the Fed 'take stakes' i.e. parital ownership in private businesses.

    Y'all have a nice day.

  2. The United States is governed by Congress, the courts, the president and his Cabinet, and various state and local governments. Ultimately, all these governing institutions are supposed to be answerable to the American people. No single individual is supposed to be “in charge” of the whole country.
    Therefore, we don't take orders from them.