Saturday, April 18, 2020

Colorado County kicks out everyone who isn’t an official resident

Via John
Gunnison County Map, Colorado | Map of Gunnison County, CO

Nonresidents in Gunnison County Colorado could face $5,000 fines and 18 months in prison if they don’t leave.

But it is not just vacation renters and temporary workers who the town has told to take a hike.
“Non-resident homeowners” are also now banned from stepping foot on their own property within county limits.

So even if someone owns a vacation home, or second house in the county, unless it is their official legal residence, the county claims the authority to arrest and imprison homeowners.

Prison. For simply being on your own private property.

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  1. Now THAT is taking it too far.

  2. If I had a vacation home there I paid taxes on it.

    I see lawsuit. The county is about to loose some money.

  3. suing the county is like suing yourself if you pay property tax. the only winner is the lawyers.

  4. What about the No Hables, Senior Brock? Do they get a free pass? That's Rrrraaaaaaacccciiiisssssst

  5. Burn the house down, collect the insurance and move on.

  6. So this public health director has installed herself as the new Hitler? What a crock of horse truffles. She and others like her needs to be slapped down and forced from her job and shamed. I can see pitchforks in her future.