Saturday, April 18, 2020

Pew: More Than 8-in-10 Americans Call Mass Migration a ‘Threat’ to U.S.

Via Billy

US Customs and Border Protection agent checks documents of a small group of migrants, who crossed the Rio Grande from Juarez, Mexico, on May 16, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. - About 1,100 migrants from Central America and other countries are crossing into the El Paso border sector each day. …

More than eight-in-ten American adults call mass migration at least a “threat” to the United States, a survey finds.

The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that the overwhelming majority of Americans see the mass migration of people from one country to another as a threat in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

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  1. Finally President Trump ordered no immigration (Applies to Green Cards, 1 million per year) for 60 days. He said he will reconsider, but he needs to keep in place for at least a year. We have 41 million of 330 million born in another country. It will bring down our country if not curtailled.