Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hillsdale College: Please represent your state and take the National Survey on Socialism today.

Dear Fellow American,

Socialism appears to be on the rise in our country, particularly among the young, and we want to understand the extent of that support.

That’s why you have been selected by Hillsdale College to represent your state in a National Survey on Socialism.

With your response, you will help Hillsdale College more clearly understand the views of mainstream Americans—views that we will make available to policymakers and opinion leaders.

Every month, Hillsdale College is reaching millions of Americans with educational outreach, especially right now, as many people are home because of our recent national emergency.

Your response to this National Survey on Socialism is essential in helping us form the most effective strategy in fighting for the future of our country.

So please give your views on the political, media, and cultural forces that are promoting socialism in our country today by completing this National Survey on Socialism: https://lp.hillsdale.edu/2020-national-survey-on-socialism/

There is no doubt in my mind that, especially among younger Americans, socialism is increasingly attractive—and that this threatens the future of American liberty. As Winston Churchill noted, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” And education is the surest way to defeat it.

If you agree, please stand with Hillsdale College as we promote intelligent patriotism and defend liberty through education.

Please represent your state and take the National Survey on Socialism today.

@ Hillsdale College


  1. Stupid survey. It's only going to conservative homes, i.e. people who are on Hillsdales mailing list. It says they want to fight socialism, thus telling you the response they want and skewing results. It looks more like a typical marketing and fundraising letter.


    1. A good school, though and the only one I recommend except for Patrick Henry: https://www.phc.edu/. Grew up a few miles from it, but didn't exist then.