Monday, September 21, 2020

Beyond the Polls, Trump is Sitting Pretty

 Inside President Trump's Untested Re-Election Strategy | Time

Labor Day is in the rear-view mirror meaning that the presidential campaign is in full swing. With less than two months until the big day, the electoral winds appear to be blowing in President Trump’s direction.

Many view public opinion polls with well-deserved skepticism. Most polls aim to influence rather than reflect public opinion. Instead of surveying likely voters, many query whoever answers the phone, whether or not they are registered or likely voters. Many polls over-sample Democrats, skewing poll results in favor of the Democrat candidate.

Rasmussen Reports, the most accurate poll ahead of the 2016 presidential election, in their Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows Trump with a total approval of 52 percent on September 16, two points ahead of Barack Obama eight years ago when he was cruising to reelection. 

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  1. The Democrats presidential campaign has been in full swing since Hillery lost.

  2. California is in play. Turns out those SoCal Libtards don't like being told they can't go to the beach.
    According to a friend of mine that lives on Maui, Hawaii is in play. The Libtards in charge have had the tourist industry locked down for three months. You can visit, but you must remain quarantined for 15 days before you get to your resort. He say every other house has a Trump sign in front of it.

    1. & they have to pay for the approved hotels which are probably more expensive. The food is brought to your door and left. I know a couple who is going which I think insane.