Monday, September 21, 2020

Was Covid-19 Accidental or Biological Warfare?

 Wuhan, China, population over 11 million.

On January 31, President Trump declared the Covid-19 coronavirus a U.S. public health emergency and issued a ban on travel between the United States and China. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaking at an Iowa campaign event, severely criticized Trump’s action, calling it “hysteria and xenophobia.” It quickly became evident that the coronavirus was extraordinarily contagious and potentially deadly. A special problem has been that its spread is often asymptomatic. In the greatest and quickest  successful cooperative national mobilization of government, industry, commerce, science, and medicine since World War II, the Trump Administration, made sure every logistical need to fight the virus was available. After several months experience and data, the virus turned out to be deadly primarily to those who already have other health problems or weakened immune systems, which are most common among older people. Further actions to limit the spread of the virus by shutting down schools and portions of the economy were devastating to the economy, but lifting these restrictions now has the economy roaring back.

My background in not in any sort of biological science. I have an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Stanford and a BS in Psychology and Math from the University of Georgia. I am a former air Force intelligence officer with some knowledge of China and the former Soviet Union, so I am more curious about such matters than most people.

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  1. The sad part about the modern misinformation age is that we will never know the truth. Even if the truth is announced publicly, there is no reason to believe it. Modern news has lied to us all too many times. Like in the old Soviet Union, NO ONE believed what was in Pravda


    1. Like in the old Soviet Union, NO ONE believed what was in Pravda

      Yes, I remember that. Thanks.

  2. Of course it was warfare. The virus was discovered in bats in 2015 by a researcher from UNC Chapel Hill named Ralph S. Baric PHD, created into a viable airborne virus in the lab at UNC, then sold back to the chinese government biowarfare lab in Wuhan for millions of dollars. I have a pdf copy of the acknowledgement and the award that was given to UNC Chapel Hill by the Medical Industry thanking them for their work on the virus. All of this was done during a time where it was illegal for them to do it as well. What I can't understand is why our government having the same info I have, hasn't gone after this luberal college who is helping destroy our country.