Monday, September 21, 2020

Show Us Your Systemic Racism, Princeton

  The Elites' Biggest Failure | City Journal

The Department of Education calls the university’s bluff.

Earlier this month, Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber released a statement acknowledging that “racism and the damage it does to people of color” persist at the Ivy League university. Eisgruber confessed that “racist assumptions from the past also remain embedded in structures of the University itself,” deep in the “nuts and bolts of University management.” He offered a set of proposals to remedy Princeton’s racist history, including hiring more black faculty and changing racially insensitive “campus iconography.” 

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  1. If they were serious, they could just open up their vast endowments piggy bank and pay scholarships to any black student who wanted to attend, even if that resulted in an all black graduating class. And keep doping it until their endowment is exhausted. No white or Asian or foreign students.


  2. Not Princeton but Asheville. Somebody creating mischief not
    racism. Besides, this is a personal opinion though I feel
    for the bear. And it's not vandalism because whomever, did not
    destroy anything. Vandalism is what BLM and Antifa have done all
    over the country. My personal opinion, I don't like BLM, Antifa,
    Muslims, white communist liberals, all communists, LGBT, feminists and Satan worshipers.
    Whomever it was has right to their opinion. Refreshing view
    from the monotonous BLM insanity:

    $5,0000 dollars, WOW