Wednesday, December 30, 2020

SCOTUS 9-0 Decision: Federal Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void

 Via John

If the Harris/Biden duo take the WH, our constitutional republic will be dead within two years. We will morph into a democracy of mob rule. No democracy in the history of the world has survived; they all go down in flames. It will also be the end of the Republican Party. The shadow government is close to stealing this election with no one held accountable and it will be their SOP from here on out. Are you going to stop this steal ? Your oath of office demands it.

We are approaching the 11th hour and still not a single U.S. Senator or Senator-elect is willing to stand Jan. 6th to stop the stealing of this presidential race.  Perhaps one might find the courage do what should be a given considering there’s an ocean of hard evidence of this concerted effort to put Harris/Biden in the WH.

 Shame on you, Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville, Ted Cruz and Loeffler.  One would think all of you would be the first to stand for truth, the Constitution and Donald Trump.

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  1. The Republican party is a dead man walking

  2. I think that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will DEFINETLY STAND TALL and 2nd the motion. In fact, I THINK there will be dozens From Both Chambers, and Both Parties.

    I went out to survey a new job with a new customer today and was pleasantly surprised to find a near 80 yo woman who is a Real Firebrand Conservative, an Author, Poet, and an Artist. What a TREAT!

    On my way home after nearly three hours of amazing conversation about all sorts of things around the Nation and World, I suddenly realized something. Everywhere I go, I see TRUMP FLAGS, Bumper Stickers and Signs. BUTT, I still don't see Biden Signs, Flags, Stickers. For a Guy Who got some 80 million votes, and who is Loved by so many on the Left, There doesn't seem to be too much enthusiasm for their new God and Goddess. They Probably Know what is really going on. I still see an occasional Bernie sticker stuck on the back bumper of a ratty ole Hyundai, driven by some scruffy looking guy, or gal, with a tie-dyed t-shirt, and a COEXIST sticker prominently displayed.

    I Still THINK that We Got This!

    1. I hope! :)

  3. 2 years? If they steal the elections in Georgia I don't give it 6 months before outright civil war starts. Funny thing. We watched exactly how the commies did it in SE Asia and the these leftists are not prepared to have that model of violence turned against them. The FBI might be aligned with Antifa but even their numbers are limited and will be even more so once the targeted assassinations begin and end you low level government hack starts demanding protection details. There simply not enough Secret Service and FBI bodies to do the job. As is always, always, always the case leftist never stop to consider that their might be unintended consequences for their criminality.