Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Barring decisive intervention by Almighty God, I see no prospect of retrieving the America that was.  The enemy is not merely entrenched, he is embedded.

Our entire structure is infested with the termites of communism and worms of self aggrandizement.  Judiciary and Executive, thoroughly rotten, to the keel; Legislative has always been corrupt, and now is professionally corrupt to the nines.  Every agency and department serves the Party and its pretenders.

There is no reclaiming any of that territory lost to the enemy.  Not with the small minority of elderly people with experience of what America was rally like, when a free country.  

The enemy controls the hopelessly ignorant majority.  The mask wearing idiots, the shot takers, a menagerie of fools and dupes.  About 60% overall. The enemy has gotten away with both the greatest fraud in history, and the greatest electoral theft in American history.  They fully intend to replace
us with a more docile, undemanding population.  Immigration and the prodigious birthrate of their replacement peoples will ensure that.  That's the Plan.

There's no recovery from here.  The only option is open, armed rebellion and nobody is going there.  Period.  JFK said "Those who prevent peaceful protest, ensure open revolution" and it was true when he said it.  It's still true now, but the power of the State and the Oligarchy is orders of magnitude what it was in his day.  Back then, they had to physically follow you around, take photos, do real wiretaps, it took years to build case.  No wonder it was easier to just blow you away.  They could always make it look like a gangster hit, and make you look like you deserved it.  (They still use the technique)    

Waiting it out is no option at all, though it seems an attractive idea, compared to close quarters combat against trained troops in the suburbs.The Soviets held sway for seventy years, the Nazis for twelve, Fascists for twenty, ChiComs for seventy themselves, Castro & Co sixty plus.  There will be no overnight restoration.  2022 will not see the chains unbound.  The GOP is no bastion of liberty or repository of hope.  You may lead them to the field, but you will not get them to charge that hill.  They are the tame 'opposition'.  The Iraqi army of politics.

Political separation is one recourse, let Texas declare her independence again, without recourse to the 'just us' system.  Prepare the ground, Arrange public referendum, - allowing ONLY TEXANS of twenty years' residence to vote.  No Calif***ian Fifth Column, no New F***ers to shit in the soup.


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