Thursday, February 28, 2013

1994 Mustang GT Outlaw Street Car 5.12 & 5.50

This ought to be fast enough for me.:)

More pictures @ Racing Junk


Color: Candy Wine Berry
The body is a 1994 Mustang GT.


It has a 574 cubic inch Big Block Ford motor,
SVO Dry Sump Block,
Roller Cam Bearings,
Motorsport A Cylinder Heads,
Oliver Steel Rods,
Moldex Crank,
Crower Roller-Cam with 812 Lift,
Custom sheet metal intake,
1110 CFM Dominators,
Stefs Dry Sump,
MSD 7AL2 Ignition,
NOS Fogger System,
Holley Competition Fuel Pumps,
1190hp without NOS!


The transmission is a BTE Ultraglide.
The rear end is all strange engineering.


It also has custom racing seats,
turbo action shifter,
Ford Motorsport White-faced gauges,
power windows,
power locks,
functioning CD/AM/FM Radio,
and a custom full roll cage.

Also includes a 28’ Millennium enclosed trailer with cabinets and a functioning winch. Trailer may have 1500 miles
8th Mile ET 5.50 @ 126mph without NOS
200 Shot NOS 5.12 @ 148mph only sprayed twice! Scary.

Seller Phone Number: (912) 596-7470
Seller Phone Number2: (912) 656-6307
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