Thursday, February 28, 2013

NAGR: Manchin lying he's pro-gun


U.S. Senator Joe Manchin fired back Wednesday evening against claims he is lying to West Virginians about his gun stance.

“I’m a proud gun owner,” said Manchin in a statement. “Nobody is going to take my guns and I sure as hell not going to let them take your guns.”

Manchin made the statement following remarks made at the State Capitol by the Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights Dudley Brown. 

“He’s lying to West Virginians when he has this pro-gun image, yet goes back to Washington, D.C. and starts talking about expanding the Brady registration system,” said Brown on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

Manchin referred to the comments as “a bunch of crap” and added that people don’t know what they are talking about.

Brown was at the State Capitol urging Manchin to vote against any additions to current federal background check requirements for gun purchases.

“Senator Joe Manchin is one of the cornerstones and keystones for passing (President) Barack Obama’s gun control agenda in Washington, D.C.,” Brown said.

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