Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Study of Latino Voters Republicans Cannot Win with Amnesty


A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies confirms preivous studies. Republicans cannot win the Latino vote by voting for amnesty or other liberal immigration policies.  Latinos favor Democrats because of their liberal spending on liberal social-welfare prgrams. A Pew poll indicated that 69 percen of Hispanics favored Obamacare, and 71 percent voted for Obama. We can never out-liberal the Democrats.

Amnesty and other liberal immigration programs only bring in more Democrat voters, making the electorate steadily more Democrat and more liberal.

In addition, Republicans who take liberal positions on amnesty and other immigration policies--in fact,  on any issue--encourage conservatives to stay at home-- often in angry disgust.

So why are Republicans stampeding to vote for an amnesty worse than the disasterous 1986 amnesty? It is Republican suicide--stupid Republican suicide.

As a Republican County Chairman, trying to recruit people to help elect Republicans, I run into registered conservative voters a couple times a week who are becming increasingly discouraged with what they see as wobbly and leftward drfting Republican principles in Washington and Raleigh. I had lunch wth two of them today, who were feeling abandned and betrayed.
There are conservative Hispanics, especially among Cubans and the growing number of other Hispanics who are evangelical Christians. We can get that vote by being true to our own principles. But they are a minority, and we cannot get the majority by moving to the left on amnesty or anything else. In addition, no one outside of a madhouse believes that Hispanic illegal immigrants are more conservative than those already voting. The more amnesties, the more Democrats, and the higher the Democrat margins will be bcause of the higher number of former illegals in the mix.

Immigration Policy, because it shapes the electorate. will eventually determine almost every policy.

Mike Scruggs

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