Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Colorado Wants To Hold 'Assault Weapon' Owners, Sellers, and Makers Liable


Colorado Senate President John Morse unveiled the details of a new gun-control bill aimed squarely at those who own, sell or manufacture a class of weapons he says have “no public benefit” and “no business on our streets or in our forests”: military-style assault weapons.

The bill will hold gun sellers and manufacturers liable for damage caused by their weapons if they don’t conform to “the highest degree of care” in ensuring those weapons aren’t sold to future criminals. It makes owners of such weapons responsible for every shot fired outside the confines of a private residence.

“You fire this weapon, you own that bullet, whatever it does,” Morse said during a press conference announcing the details of the bill, which will be introduced in the state Senate on Wednesday.

The bill defines an “assault rifle” as any firearm other than a handgun, shotgun, bolt-action or lever-action rifle.

“These guns are four times as powerful as handguns,” he said. “That means they’re more effective at killing, they’re more efficient at killing, and they do a lot more collateral damage when they’re used.” 


  1. All these marxists are milking the "Sandy Hook" tragedy for all the brain dead, knee jerk, gun grabbing (if we just make guns illegal, barry's utopia will come true) bile that runs down their chins.....

  2. And what did you expect from the People's National Democratic Socialist Worker's Paradise of Colorado? Common sense? Puhleeze....

    1. I guess there is a dramatic change in air between Wyoming and Colorado.:)