Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Alabama State Record 70 Pound Striper May Be A World Record

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An Alabama resident has reeled in a 70-pound striped bass that shattered a 54-year-old state record and could land the angler in the book of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a landlocked fishery.

James R. Bramlett, 65, reeled in the behemoth on the Black Warrior River on Feb. 28. 

Bramlett told Joe Songer of that he credits his wife, Janice, for urging him to go fishing. She was scheduled to undergo a hospital procedure in a few days and would need him to be around and take care of her.

The catch, weighed on a certified scale, exceeds the previous record, set in 1959, by 15 pounds. (Bramlett and his catch are pictured at right.)

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  1. We moved to Colorado from a house on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It had a dock below the house. From April to October I went to a light suspended above the water at 5 a.m., threw the cast net and brought up all the bait fish I could lift. Then I baited five big rod as set them in PVC pipes on the dock posts, retired to the kitchen to cook breakfast. When it was ready I came out on the deck and sat down to eat. I was often interrupted by the sight of one or more rods bouncing violently and had to return to the dock to reel in a good fish.

    In three years, fishing like this and also trolling big gizzard shad or my own deer-hair bucktails behind the pontoon boat, I caught several hundred pounds of stripers but the biggest one was only 21 pounds. Many were in the 15-20 pound class. That is one helluva big striper. I brag that I ate a striper sandwich every day for three years. Heh.

  2. And makes a lot of great sandwiches when filleted properly and fried in House of Autry Hotter Than Hot breading, cut with half white flour.

    1. House of Autry Hotter Than Hot

      That's a new one on me.

    2. House of Autry
      P.O. Box 460 Four Oaks, NC 27524
      Phone: 1-800-849-0802.

      "The choice of Southern Cooks since 1812."

      I can hardly bear to look at their home page. If I get to PATCON I will tell you a great true story about striper frying with House of Autry Hotter than Hot breading.

      My wife introduced me to it and addicted me to one more thing. Ah, well.

    3. :) If S/B When I get to PATCON I will tell you a great true story about striper frying with House of Autry Hotter than Hot breading.

  3. I could wish they were sponsoring 3Junior Earnhardt instead of Bobby Labonte.