Friday, April 12, 2013

April 17 Trial To Determine Fate Of America

Via Angry  Mike


A startling report prepared by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is today warning that the case known as United States v. Kebodeaux, and due to be heard by the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on 17 April, will be the most important ruling in all of American history as should it be lost, the Obama regime, and all of those to follow, will have gained total power to rule the lives of US citizens “from cradle to grave”.

Important to understand, this report says, is that under the United States Constitution, the “general power of governing,” commonly known as the “police power,” belongs to the 50 individual American States— not to their Federal Government.

Because the US Congress has limited powers granted in the Constitution, the Federal government does not have a general police power, as the States do. The exceptions are laws regarding Federal property and the military; the Federal government was also granted broad police powers by the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887.

The main effect of this “balance of power” between the States and the Federal government, this report continues, are the different laws seen among the many States, the most contentious of them being abortion, health care, gun rights and homosexual marriage.

Not being understood by the majority of Americans, this report says, are that States are “free and able” to ignore Federal laws almost at will, but fail to do so because of the Federal governments “carrot and stick” relationship with them. For example, this report cites the mandatory seat belt laws adopted by the States after their being enticed to enact them by the Federal government offering tens of millions of dollars in funding bribes, but should they have failed to make them law they would have lost billions in matching highway funds.

So dependant upon Federal government “bribes to enact laws” have the States become over the past century, MOJ experts say in this report, the percentage of State budgets dependant upon these monies range from the lowest of North Dakota’s 25.99% to Mississippi being the highest at 49.01%, with the average being nearly 40%.

An adverse ruling in United States v. Kebodeaux, however, this report says, would forever change the current relationship between the States and Federal government giving to the latter the police power they have so long coveted, yet been denied by the US Constitution.

The case being pushed by the Obama regime to enable the Federal government to gain police power over the States has at its center a 34-year old Texas man named Anthony Kebodeaux.