Friday, April 12, 2013

NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson: Against civilians owning guns that hold more than five rounds

Guns America: Last Call - Vote for NRA Board Members

This Monday is the cut-off for NRA voting on members of the board. If you are eligible to vote, you got a ballot in your March magazine from the NRA. This could be First Freedom, American Rifleman or American Hunter. From what I gather, you have to be a consecutive NRA member for five years, or a Life Member, to vote for the board. There are some famous people on the board, and not just Ted Nugent. The NRA Board includes Tom Selleck, Richard Childress, Oliver North, Karl Malone, and Lee Ermy, "Gunny," as well as a lot of judges and former Congress members.

Some people on the board may represent your interests, but surprisingly others may not. For instance, if you watch this video of NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson, around 1:14 he says he is against civilians owning guns that hold more than five rounds. A retired Texas Ranger, Mr. Jackson is so detached from American gun owners he should be voted out as soon as possible. Even though everyone at NRA is a Life or Endowment member of the NRA, we are certainly not getting into NRA politics here, but especially if you are familiar with some of the members on your ballot, send it in TODAY, Friday, so it gets there by Monday.

Brief profiles of the current NRA Board Members can be found at:
 Tom King, a current NRA board member who is up for re-election, gave us the heads up about the Monday deadline for NRA voting. We can't officially endorse him, but he seems like a passionate 2nd Amendment supporter in touch with the values of today's NRA members.
We were asked to send this reminder by a current NRA board member Tom King, who is up for re-election. He is one of the non-celebrity, non-industry-executive board members, but you may have seen him as a talking head on Fox & Friends, Lou Dobbs, the Lehrer Report, and a lot of local and regional newscasts, as well as a bunch of the NRA video stuff. Tom is the president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and is the only board member from New York, one of the states that was hit early with devastating legislation from the anti-gunners. This is a message from Tom about the board election. If you haven't sent in your ballot, LAST CALL.

April 11, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

During the course of the past year membership in the NRA has grown tremendously due to the changing political situation and the re election of the President. As an NRA Board Member it is gratifying to see the gun owners of the United States choosing the NRA as their organization to defend the 2 nd Amendment but with membership comes responsibility. 

The NRA is a member driven Association that is managed through the elected board of Directors. In the March issue of your magazine you should have received a ballot for the 2013 election of members to the NRA Board. It is your responsibility to vote for the Board members of your choice and you have two days left to accomplish that task. If you haven’t already submitted your ballot please mail it today or Friday at the latest so your voice is heard. 

Thank you, 

Tom King
NRA Board Member and a 2013 candidate for re election to the Board of Directors.

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