Friday, April 12, 2013

No such thing for the antis as "safe enough gun"


The Technology Behind this carbine is 1860s. The design is 1870s. This one is in .44 Mag, but they are also available in .45 Colt - again, 1870s technology that can work even with black powder and cast lead bullets. As we have seen with the recent drive to make more and more people outright ineligible for legal gun ownership, the anti freedom forces have dropped the pretense of being concerned with modern weapons alone.
States like New Jersey regulate air guns as firearms without as much as an exemption for very low power models. Anything not under their direct control that can throw an aimed projectile is anathema to them. Air guns and .22 s are useful for training and, in a pinch, they are better than nothing for defense.

More @ Oleg Volk 

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