Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GOA: Gun Control can be Passed Only If Republicans Sell Out

Tell them Gun Owners oppose "universal" background checks
“Gun-control measures that seemed destined to become law after the school shootings in Newtown, Conn., are in jeopardy amid a fierce lobbying campaign by firearms advocates.”
          - The Washington Post, April 1, 2013
We realize that you have been receiving several emails from Gun Owners of America in recent days. And while we apologize for filling your inbox so frequently, we hope you realize that we are in an all-out fight to stop Congress from infringing upon our liberties.

Your activism is making a difference, but we need to keep the pressure on!

As so, as we approach “gun control Armageddon” next week, we are faced, not surprisingly, with “sell-outs and rumors of sell-outs.”

But we can conclude that all gun control will die UNLESS Republicans flinch. And this is why, now that anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer is on the verge of a humiliating defeat, he’s scrambling for some feckless Republican who will help him turn GOP victory into GOP defeat.

Anti-gun columnist Ruth Marcus spoke for Schumer last Wednesday morning when she suggested that, as a desperation measure, anti-gunners might have to drop recordkeeping from the universal registry bill.
But even if ALL recordkeeping were dropped, which is doubtful, background checks would mean that:
  • Americans would still have to get the government’s permission to own a firearm from whatever source.
  • Americans in rural areas without access to the Internet could be barred from gun ownership.
  • The Brady Check system would break down on weekends even more often than it currently does.
  • Eight percent of all applicants would still be illegally denied the right to purchase firearms through “false negatives.”
  • Schumer would still claim that he “broke the back of the gun lobby.”
  • The universal registry bill would still be nothing but a vehicle for consideration of other gun control now - and a platform for gun control demands in the future.
The solution to all of this is easy, and it’s for Senators to support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster! Tell them not to let Congress sidle up to the gun control buffet and to defeat the motion to proceed to gun control.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators. Demand they support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster and oppose the motion to proceed to any gun control vehicle.

The system will automatically select a pre-written editable response, depending upon whether your Senator is a Republican or Democrat.


  1. Despite all the bluster from a very few republicans most would be thrilled to ban guns. Despite differences in rhetoric there is no real difference between republicans and democrats both parties serve the same elite masters. For all the democrat complaint about big businesses, Obama openly supports Monsanto, big banking and other big business interests. Republican’s opine their support of freedom but Bush strips Americans of more rights than every President before him. And both did it with support of the “opposition” party.

    We hear lip service given to the idea we need to unite what is similar between the two parties. Yet all we ever get is divisive or inharmonious language from each side. Neither side wants peace they thrive on the illusion of conflict. Keep the ignorant masses occupied fighting each other and ignoring what the leaders are doing. I will bet 90% of democrats and republicans spend their time and energy fighting against the other party and not watching what their own party is doing. This conflict is not an accident it is a well-planned attack on America and freedom from both sides.


  2. I'm betting that my RINO senator Pat Toomey R-PA will vote with Schumer on "universal background checks". I got a letter from him stating "improved" background checks are important.
    I'm getting so effing tired of these federal politicians who support the unconstitutional soetoro-obama and not the Constitution. Toomey appears to be one who will screw 2A and his constituents.

    1. I'm getting so effing tired of these federal politicians who support the unconstitutional soetoro-obama and not the Constitution.

      Ain't alone, that's for sure.