Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SWAT team breaks door, windows at wrong home

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Par for the course.

Our highly trained professionals at work.........

 A Pittsburgh woman is furious at police after the SWAT team knocked down her front door and shattered her windows while looking for a homicide suspect in the home next door to her.

"I feel violated," Carla Glover told WTAE.  "There's not even words  to describe what I was feeling."
Police were searching for a suspect in the early Saturday morning shooting death of 21-year-old Steven Lee Jr. of McKees Rocks.  Lee was killed after a fight on a "party bus" on Chartiers Avenue in Sheraden.

The SWAT team later surrounded a row of homes on Sutherland Street.  They were apparently looking for someone in Glover's neighbor's apartment, but home video from people who live nearby shows officers dropping chairs off of Glover's porch and standing in her broken down front door.  Her windows were also shattered.

Glover knew nothing about what was happening at her home until she received a call from police.

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  1. Can you imagine if these thugs with badges met up with a fire team or squad-sized ambush ? These LEOs want to play army well, it is my belief they're going to get the chance real soon. It is coming.

    1. & hopefully they'll have their scopes mounted backwards.:)