Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NCFIRE Action Alert: Stop Licenses for Illegals in NC


Attention Immigration Activists:

Help us fix North Carolina House bill 786 (Reclaim NC Act). Section 9 of this bill is a huge magnet to illegal aliens all over the country. It allows NC to issue drivers permits/ licenses to illegal aliens. We can't allow illegal aliens to get a driver's license in NC.
We need to focus on five committee members.....see their contact info below.  

Call and/or email them and say the following:

North Carolina House Bill 786 should be a state immigration enforcement bill only, but provisions are included in the bill to give almost all illegal immigrants in North Carolina a legal driving permit (aka a driver’s license).  Section 9 is a giant magnet to illegal aliens all over the country and our state will be over run with illegal aliens because of it.

Our roads will not be safer and this bill makes it easier for illegal immigrants to get to the jobs that belong to North Carolinians (85% of illegals do not work in agricultural-related jobs).

Rep Warren’s bill, H786, also guts our state E-Verify law. Seasonal workers are exempt from e-verify. This bill redefines a seasonal worker. Currently a seasonal worker is defined as 90 days or less. Section 8 changes that definition to less than one year. Theoretically, anyone can be a seasonal worker simply by missing just one day of work, there-by exempting them from the e-verify check.

We have over 9% unemployment and illegal immigration is costing North Carolina taxpayers over $1.1 billion net. Remove the license language (Section 9) and fix the E-verify clause (Section 8)

Email: john.faircloth@ncleg.net        Office: 919-733-5877
Email: pat.hurley@ncleg.net            Office: 919-733-5865
Email: leo.daughtry@ncleg.net          Office: 919-733-5605
Email: jonathan.jordan@ncleg.net       Office: 919-733-7727
Email: jason.saine@ncleg.net           Office: 919-733-5782

This is urgent and with your help, we can stop this disaster before it starts.

Thank you,

James Johnson

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879

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