Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why do bullies pick on cowards?


Because no matter how much they punch, insult, and shame them, cowards won't punch back. They just take it.

All bullies are tyrants, and all tyrants are arrogant. Our reigning tyrants, like Ben Bernanke & Mario Draghi, believe they are Masters of the Universe because no matter how often the punch, insult, and rob their docile victims in America & Europe, the victims just keep on taking it. The tyrants are convinced they can steal from y'all all they want, print money till a pack of gum costs $9,000, and you all will never punch back, never object you'll just wipe the gobs of spit off your face and call it dew And if you dare to object, dare to take to the streets, they'll turn their police thugs on you and teach you not to punch back at bullies.

One of these days y'all will catch on, and y'all will pound those bullies into the pavement. I just want to be a fly on the wall, watching, when y'all finally admit it's spit.


  1. Cowards don’t speak up, don’t stand up, don’t protest, don’t fight back. Cowards only focus on their own pathetic existence and hope the bully will go away. He never does! Link to your post at woodycreekfarmer.wordpress.com