Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lt. Governor: Gun Manufacturers, Missouri Welcomes You


Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is urging Gov. Jay Nixon and legislative leaders to send a clear message to gun manufacturers by backing efforts to recruit them to locate in Missouri.
Kinder points to a West Plains businessman who has offered up land to any gun manufacturer that wants to move to the Ozarks, a proposal he says has gained the support of Gun Owners of America.

The Missouri Legislature has passed and sent the governor a measure that declares federal gun control laws unenforceable in Missouri. Another measure would give businesses tax incentives to gun manufacturers to relocate to Missouri.

"For years, some states that are home to gun manufacturers have continued to bite the hand that feeds them, passing laws to restrict firearms," Kinder said in a press release. "Some of those companies now are deciding it's time to pull out and move to more friendly pastures. I encourage Gov. Nixon and lawmakers to send a concerted message to these manufacturers: Missouri welcomes you."

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