Thursday, May 16, 2013

Militiaman Training


The Patriots who participated in the TCCC course at Brock's PATCON spoke very highly of the training and the trainers involved.  It is commonly accepted that comms are a weakness in the current Liberty Movement.  Even General Washington used ciphers and special inks and spies.  Tactical training is, for the genuine Militiaman, essential.  A larger strategy must be accepted by a majority. 

Most of the men and women who make up the militia today are merchants and mechanics and accountants, not professional soldiers.  Militiamen need to know the skills of Small Unit Combat, room and building clearing, intelligence gathering, and more, and they need to learn from professionals.  Modern Militiamen need to learn how to hit and be hit at close range, they need to know how to stop the bad man from getting the cuffs on, they need to know how to choke a man out - and, if they choose, to break that man's neck instead.


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