Thursday, May 16, 2013

Texas Lt. Gov. Demands Investigation of Abortionist After Video Exposé

Via Billy


The lieutenant governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, demanded an investigation Wednesday of an abortionist whose employees claim he twisted the heads off of babies who were born alive during abortion procedures.

A new video exposé released Tuesday of the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston, one of three clinics owned by abortionist Douglas Karpen, depicts gruesome details of the practices of an abortionist who is currently facing a criminal investigation for allegedly allowing late-term babies to be born alive then twisting their heads off with his bare hands.

According to LifeNews, three former employees of Karpen's brought forward photos taken on their cell phones at his clinic on Schumacher Lane in Houston. The photos depicted two babies aborted well beyond the legal limit of 24 weeks in Texas. The babies’ necks had been cut.


  1. Had a feeling that Gosnel wasn't an anomaly. These people are nothing but serial killers.