Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two excellent Memorial Day comments on Vietnam

  A Vietnam veteran reflects on Memorial Day


I know the feelings of which that vet spoke. I was not fortunate enough to have been stationed in Tokyo during the period of the Vietnam war, but saw nothing but death and destruction of human beings, the whole time I was in Vietnam. Those who have never been in a war zone, have no idea of the carnage that takes place nor the suffering of all who are exposed to the horrendous results of war.

One can watch movies and news reports from a war zone, but they truly have no idea of what it is like being there and how it affects mankind.

While I was in Vietnam, I met many of the locals and promised that we would bring them freedom and all of the suffering would be worth the pain and sorrow, once freedom was attained. Many questioned my faith in believing that such an end result was realistic. After being under foreign control for several centuries, they had learned their lessons when it came to relying on politicians and governments. I was yet to learn that lesson, until I saw our own nation and government, turn on our own troops. It was a lesson that decimated my soul for nearly a quarter of a century.

I still have memories of the horrific events of that war, not only seeing them in my minds eye, but also hearing them, and I wonder why mankind persists in bringing about destruction of their own species, through unnecessary wars, for the purpose of their ideological beliefs and desires? I reason that there has to be a better way, but I have yet to discover what the solution is. I do know that creating more wars, is not the answer!

Because evil abounds in the heart of mankind, I know that war will be a continual threat to the survival of mankind, but it should only be the result of the last order and in the defense of national security and freedom. I would emphasize the word national, as meaning only that of one's own nation and not that of the world. I firmly believe that the meddling of sovereign nations in the business of other sovereign nations, only incites war. In my lifetime, I have found this to be true with countries such as the Axis nations, the USSR and the U.S. as well.

George Washington our first president of this sovereign Republic, warned us about forming alliances and getting involved in the business of other nations. He was right and it is unfortunate that our leaders have failed to heed his warning over the last couple of centuries. Their lack of common sense and wisdom, will soon bring our Republic, sovereignty and freedom, to an end.



I wasn't there. I was a kid at home. I saw the country split and the chaos that followed.

But, there is something I want to say to the Vietnam vets. You were right. You won the war you were sent to fight. Vietnam would be a better place today and millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians would be alive, if our congress had not abandoned the victory you won and our South Vietnamese allies.

New scholarship that has the advantage of seeing the North Vietnamese archives proves that you won the war. Gen. Abrams did devise the right strategy. The South Vietnamese defeated the North Vietnamese invasion in 1972 with the aid of crucial US airpower and resupply.

Kissinger brought South Vietnam to the "peace" table with the promise of continued air support and supply. The fall of Nixon and the rise of the Democratic Congress of 74 made a liar out of America. We abandoned Vietnam to its fate. As the Democrats celebrated their 'victory," the PAVN prepared for theirs. With massive support from China and the Soviets they were able to overwhelm the ARVN forces the US had abandoned.

No Vietnam Vet is responsible for the loss of Vietnam. It was abandoned to its fate, just as we have now abandoned Iraq to its.

You fight was a noble cause. Vietnam today jailed another blogger. It is a tyranny. Though not the madhouse of North Korea, it is far from free. Whatever criticisms of the effort are valid, the fundamental fact remains, your victory offered greater freedom and prosperity to millions.


  1. indyjonesouthereMay 29, 2013 at 11:00 AM

    I was there for Tet of 1968 serving with the 101st abn but that did not prevent a traitorous senate from deleting all funding to the South Vietnamese in later years. This country funded and supported the south for years and then just abandoned them after Nixons removal from office. There were no real men in the senate or presidency during that time and it is to their shame that they had so little spine or conscience.

    1. Agreed. I forgot, where was the 101st then? We were instructed to keep y'all at 104/106% strength and the others below 100 to compensate. The 101st was doing some heavy fighting then through the Spring mini as I remember.

  2. I posted a remembrance on two of my buddies who died in that Hell Hole . I was one of the lucky ones. I Came home with physical scars and drank a lot. My buddies came home in a box. What a waste of life.

    1. If you haven't yet, read Ripcord, the best book I have ever read concerning a battle.