Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tommy “PoP” Aaron


PoPs came up with the title and I have it hanging in my kitchen.

 So sad, but what a fighter he was, true to his Southern heritage.  He is the one responsible for me finally putting my memories to pen by starting up NamSouth without telling me and then urging me to go ahead. (This was after he did the same for another blog, but I didn't follow through.)  So, PoPs, in that simple task alone, you have educated many, many people in the Cause.  I'm sure you are receiving a rowdy welcome from your Confederate ancestors now!



It is with heavy heart that I bring to you all the news of PoP Aaron's Passing.

As most old members know, Tommy "PoP' Aaron was a life long Southern Patriot and founder of this forum back in 2004. He struggled for the last several years with cancer, having to be hospitalized at the VA many times. He always came back more determined than ever to fight the good fight and encourage all of us to do the same. Today, he crossed over the river to rest in the shade and in the Lord's arms.

We all salute you Brother PoP and take comfort in knowing that now you are at peace and with our Lord Jesus Christ.

His son Dustin Lee left me this email today:

"Pop passed Away today Hamp.....Please let the guys on the forum know how much he loved them and he was so sorry he was not able to communicate much in the end.....Thank All of you for the prayers love and support....I will always be Grateful to all of you.."

I will contact Dustin to find out about arrangements. I will post here on the forum. Those wishing to express personal condolences can email Dustin at

-- Hamp


  1. Thanks for those wonderful pictures. The saddest one?
    Just sticks in the dirt to mark graves. I wonder if they ever got a decent marker. Loved the chicken one, too.

    1. The saddest one? Just sticks in the dirt to mark graves.

      I had forgotten about that and should make a separate post. Thanks.


      Loved the chicken one, too.

      I bought a chicken once which was supposed to me a hen, so we named it Henny Hen Hen though it tuned out not to be one:) The first night we were sitting on the porch and HHH took turns climbing up on our shoulders as darkness crept in.:) The next time I run across the pictures, I'll post them.

    2. Thanks for your replies. Those darn chickens can sure fool 'ya! My current rooster, Charlie, actually makes a nest in the coop and pretends to be a hen. He KNOWS where I usually send 'the boys'...

  2. Friend Brock,
    This is sad news indeed. PoP Tommy was like no one I ever met before. He was kind, dedicated, and tough when he needed to be.
    He was one of the largest supporters of my writings, my music ever; and he always put concern for the health of others above his own.
    One of the best times I ever had was meeting him in person when he and his son drove from their home to Ellijay GA. to see me perform. Tommy said they could only stay a short while because of the drive time, ha they stayed till the end of the third encore and beyond.
    The Cause certainly lost one of it's best, and those of us who really knew him, as much as lost a family member.
    My entire family mourns his passing, but at the same time celebrates the fact he is no longer suffering.
    T Warren

    1. I remember you relating the Ellijay story before. Thanks.

  3. PoP was one of the first who helped me go from ignorant "American patriot" to knowledgeable apologist for all things Southern. His suffering is over, his journey in this Vale of Tears ends and he rides now with Lee and Jackson in the Kingdom of God.

    As we say in the Orthodox Church, may his memory be eternal.

    1. he rides now with Lee and Jackson in the Kingdom of God.

      Indeed, Val and thanks.

  4. The post about Pops brought tears to my eyes.


  5. There is a hole in my heart today.

    I never had the pleasure of giving a curtsy to Pop Aaron. I knew only the fire and sharp wit of his words, delivered by virtual pen on many a Southern Heritage forum.

    General Lee and the Army above have gained a true soldier. We have lost a true friend and warrior for the Cause down here.

    Rest and rise in peace, Sir.