Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Woman ‘molested in COURTROOM by marshal before he orders her to be arrested

A 28-year-old woman has accused a court marshal of sexually assaulting her during a search in a courthouse witness room - and numerous court employees are accused of covering it up.

Monica Contreras, from Las Vegas, is suing Clark County and its courts, claiming her civil rights were violated when marshal Ron Fox groped her when she attended for a divorce hearing in August 2011.

Her two-year-old daughter was with her at the time.

Judge Patricia Donninger is accused of ignoring Contreras when she complained to her about the incident and a video shows Donninger with her back turned to Contreras, acting as if she doesn't hear her. 

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  1. Absolutely ZERO excuse for this CRAP!!! Again those who wear the badges in the country believe themselves to be completely ABOVE THE LAW!!
    Just what the freak are they teaching now days in the LEO training facilities?? That once you swear your oath, and pin on the badge, that the law of the land no longer applies to you??
    This crap must cease to be forced upon the citizens of this land.... only way to do that as I see it is to arrest those "only ones" who do these things (over and over again, because they believe are above the law) and imprison them!! The above comment applies to the enablers as well (judges, prosecutors, elected officials).

    1. This one was definitely in the unbelievable category. The gall of those who think they are above the law is astonishing.