Saturday, June 1, 2013

UN Arms Trade Treaty Opposed By 130 Members Of Congress

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is scheduled to be signed by Barack Obama on June 4, this Monday. He has already said he will sign it. However, the United States Senate has passed a resolution that they will not ratify the document. Now a letter has been sent to Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry by 130 members of the House of Representatives opposing the ATT.

On May 30 the 130 congressmen wrote to remind both Obama and Kerry that they are supposed to be “defenders of the sovereignty of the United States and as such the representatives wrote to “express…grave concern about the dangers posed by the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.”

According to the letter, “Our country’s sovereignty, and the protections it affords our individual freedoms, including those recognized by the Second Amendment, must not be infringed.”
The letter then went on to cite three reasons not to sign the treaty:
  1. The treaty as adopted by the General Assembly is deeply flawed.
  2. The treaty suffers from vagueness.
  3. The procedure by which the treaty was adopted violates a red line set out by Obama’s own administration.
The congressmen expounded on the flaws of the treaty.


  1. They wrote a letter Obama ...and ..Kerry .......Bwaa Ha Ha Ha !.

  2. He will sign it anyway because its good kabuki theater.
    Doesn't matter what the country is telling him, its all show
    just like Clinton the Womanizer made the African Getaway
    while the press was warming up to Monicagate. I hope it follows
    a similar path but doubt it will.

    1. its good kabuki theater.

      Indeed. :) & good piece.

  3. Should we start making "no hesitation" targets of blue helmeted troops?

  4. Townsend, Don't underestimate Obama. This evil SOB want's to be "Presadent for life". The ONLY way to get that is get the guns out of civilian hands. He can't get the guns ,so he's going after ammo. This UN treaty was passed for one reason. To stop the import of ALL weapons ammo and parts. (You know, something like 60% of current supply.) With the current "panic" ,DHS orders, and "military orders" It will all but end civilian ammo sale within days. Parts and kits will be gone in weeks and Non-US built rifles+ Shotguns within months. NO more Tula-ammo, No more mags, No more parts, No more WOLF AMMO- EVEN IF CONGRESS DOSE NOT RATIFY. The nations that do ratify will have to stop shipping civilian ammo/parts/mags--FOREVER. This treaty is a "back door ban", and a DAMN good one. --Ray

    1. Hell, he wants to be dictator of the world for life and never die, but that wouldn't even satisfy this evil, narcissistic "man".