Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1966 Shelby GT350 Race Car Formerly Owned and Raced by Sir Stirling Moss

S161 1966 Shelby GT350 Race Car Formerly Owned and Raced by Sir Stirling Moss Photo 1

This ought to go for big, big bucks.



- Prepared by Chris Liebenberg for and raced by Sir Stirling Moss at 9 different venues in Europe (FIA) and Targa Tasmania (winner) from 1991-1997

- Liebenberg prepared the car to Full R Specifications

- Number 89 of 252 carry over cars from the 1965 original build

- Raced in 2012 Rolex Monterey Historics, in FIA spec, finished in top ten by Dominic Dobson

- Extensive documentation history that includes racing photos from European FIA events and Australia with Stirling Moss and Carroll Shelby along with numerous communications between the two

- Currently has both Colorado title and bill of sale from Stirling Moss

- Race ready condition 
Description and more pictures @ MECUM


  1. I bought a street version 1966 Shelby GT350, new, my senior year in high school. I had worked construction and as an ocean lifeguard (grew up surfing in Huntington Beach, CA) all through high school and paid cash for it -- totally pissed my parents off, but I was 18. I "left" home a couple of weeks later while still a senior!

    My first wife (and only ex-wife) got the car by court order in our divorce in 1971 (it was still "new car pristine" -- I took better care of it than the wife!). She let her new boyfriend drive it as if it was his own and he promptly totaled it (and himself) hitting a freeway underpass embankment at an estimated 125+ mph while drunk on his ass. The engine, and what was left of him, ended up in the trunk (it didn't pop open!).

    I still pull out a couple of early (and very fading) Brownie Camera photos of my first new car, my baby, and shed a tear or two every year on the anniversary of her death...single malt scotch does help immensely....

    1. That's enough to make you cry. I had a '65 Hi-Po 2+2 and at the time wanted to buy the Cobra, but it was way too expensive at over $7K! How little did we know.:)

    2. Cash talked in those days. I ordered a fully loaded model in Dec of '65 and took delivery late January -- still have the original window sticker and receipts for the car(talk about obsessed...)filed away somewhere. I paid just over $5400 and included a factory installed (rare -- most retrofitted by Shelby)Paxton Supercharger, the soon-to-be-changed over rider traction bars and no-spin limited slip differential.

      Of course, it helped that I was the All-CIF (essentially,All State)linebacker for the local high school...they loved their high school sports back then as Texas still does.

    3. Yes, Texas is crazy about their high school football.

  2. Think they'd take a check? :)

  3. Sweet looking hunk of metal there.I would guess mid 6 digits on price.That nails it down.

    1. Certainly possible, if not more. Ain't but one.:)

  4. In my youth, I was a road racing fanatic.

    Sterling Moss was probably the most gentlemanly race drivers of the era. Him and Jimmy Clark going at it on the track. What memories.

    If I could afford it I would.


    1. If I could afford it I would.

      Same here, plus countless more if I had the filthy lucre.