Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awesome: Race-baiting Salon article sparks hilarious outbursts of #WhiteRage

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Public displays of violence following the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict have understandably made some of us doubt in others’ ability to keep cool heads. But according to Salon writer Edward Wyckoff Williams, “our real problem is white rage.”

Rage against the white raaaaaaage!

The veiled threat of an aggressive police response to imaginary civil unrest belies the very logic that led to Trayvon Martin’s death to begin with. For, you see, African-Americans are never protected or served by the law enforcement apparatus — yet they are always subject to its military might.
The paradox of being implicitly excluded from the guarantee of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been reiterated and reinforced by public policy and social malaise for centuries. President Barack Obama is not immune — as he’s become the target of incessant “white rage”: race-baiting attacks, prejudice and bias even prior to his election. The Republican Party and its neo-Confederate Tea Party wing has been committed to invalidating his political and legislative legacy as much as the Zimmerman jury invalidated the civil rights of Trayvon. The disparate precedent set, therefore, becomes all the more insulting when we’re told to simply shut-up and bear it.

Williams’ musings certainly had “neo-Confederates’” hackles up. Check out their rage-filled responses:

This dipshit, @WyckoffWilliams, is a great example of a race baiting a-hole who will never allow good race relations http://www.salon.com/2013/07/15/our_real_problem_is_white_rage/ 

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